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"I have gained valuable experience in this class. The course itself was straight to the point which is what attracted me. Hands-on learning at an actual Dentist's office was great." – Rochelle Willis


"I have gained so much from this program. I have learned how to instrument pass, clean rooms, sterilize instruments, how to follow steps for fillings, crowns, rubber dam set-ups, taking impressions, interviewing skills and how to deal with patients! Wonderful experience!" – Megan Pillifant


"Dental Assistant Pro is so convenient since it's only ten weeks. The instructors really strive to help you learn the material, and they are so nice. I would definitely recommend this course!" – Kellie Kazee


"I was in a two year Dental Assisting program with another school. We did not have proper equipment and were taking courses that didn�t pertain to my career. I like this program because we were able to work in a real dental office and it was cheaper and didn�t take as much time." – Holly S.


"This course was ideal for me! I learned so much and was able to keep my current job! The instructors were super helpful and being in an actual dental office made all the difference in the world!" � Jennifer J.


"I contacted Dental Assistant Pro needing a Dental Assistant. At their recommendation, I contacted one of their students Andrea M. After a successful interview, I offered Andrea a position at my practice. Andrea has turned out to be an asset. Her knowledge and training have proven her to be very qualified to be a Dental Assistant. I would contact DAP in the future to fill any positions I might have and would recommend them to my fellow colleagues." - Dr. Zachery I.


"From this class I have learned all of the basics of Dental Assisting... This was wonderful... I couldn't be happier with the experience." - Michele H.


"We are a specialty practice in the Dayton area and hired one of your students from the Dental Assistant Pro Program to join our assisting team. There is definitely a need for Dental Assistants in our area." - Jean H.


"I loved the hands on experience at Dental Assistant Pro. I learned more than enough to be comfortable starting at a dental office as an entry-level Dental Assistant. It was wonderful that I was lucky enough to be hired at a dental office in Kenwood even before I graduated from the program. I feel that this class made me confident in my new career as a Dental Assistant. Thanks Dental Assistant Pro!" - Tricia M.


"I am currently attending classes at Dental Assistant Pro. I am also excited to say that I am working as a Dental Assistant in Hillsboro. The information and hands-on training have been beneficial in preparing me for the duties and details involved in a dental career." - Kristina H.


"I love this program. I have recommended this class to many of my friends and coworkers. Not only did it fit my schedule perfectly, but I found this program to be fun, exciting and well taught. I have learned so much in these few short weeks and I look forward with excitement to my new career. Thank you to all my instructors."
- Brenda S.


"I have to say I was very nervous about taking this class. I was told I would be the older kid in the class, but that wasn�t true. There was a range of ages in the class and I wasn't the only one starting a new career. And our instructor made everyone feel very comfortable and explained things well." - Chanel W.


"I am impressed how the program incorporated so many aspects of Dental Assisting. From lab to interviewing, this has been a great asset for preparing me to be a Dental Assistant." � Shannon C.


"The Dental Assisting class has very much prepared me for this field." - Sarah S.


"I had a GREAT teacher. She really taught all of us the basics to become a Dental Assistant." - Kaitlan J.


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