5 Reasons College is NOT
the Only Option to Succeed

In our society, it’s easy to geDoesn’t it feel like the only option to get ahead is a four year college degree? 

The reality is that a four year college education is not the only option,
and it’s definitely not the best option for everyone.

  1. College has become too expensive and time consuming. Our dental assisting program is only a fraction of the cost and takes just 9 weeks (not four years). You could be making more money in a dental career than your friends who pay ten times more to get a college degree.
  2. For a long time, professional programs were presented as inferior to a traditional four year college education. Well guess what – not anymore.
  3. College used to be the only way to get a high paying job.  The tide is turning and many people know that a program like ours can get you into a high paying career way faster and way more affordable than a traditional college degree.
  4. College doesn’t always prepare you for jobs that are in demand.  I’ve never struggled to find a dental assisting job, but I can’t say the same for my friends who got a college degree. They spent a ton of money and time pursuing degrees and couldn’t even find a job after they graduated. 
  5. Sitting in a boring classroom all day is not for everyone. Well, it certainly wasn’t for me. If you want a real career but don’t want to spend 4 years of your life in a classroom, then dental assisting might be the right choice for you. 

You can become a dental assistant in just 9 weeks without a college degree.