How to Find the Right Team After Dental Assistant Training in Westerville

mirror in man's mouthAs a dental assistant, you will likely spend 40 hours or more every week on the job. In addition to enjoying what you do, you also need to feel good about the people you work with every day. Working with a great team can make your career so much more rewarding. But as a recent graduate of dental assistant training in Westerville, you may need help finding such a team. Read on for some advice.

Home Sweet Home

The dental practice you work in may not look like home, but the people there really will become like family. In fact, you may spend more waking hours with your co-workers than with your actual family! Find a practice that makes you comfortable so you can be yourself.

Find a Supportive Group

You know that not every day on the job will be a breeze. There will be challenges and rough moments. You want co-workers who will be supportive, helpful and always have a patient’s best interest in mind. Compassion toward colleagues is as important as compassion toward patients.

Give and Get Respect

Every member of a dental team works hard at his or her job and, therefore, deserves respect and consideration. The best practices maintain a respectful work atmosphere through open communication. Listen to those around you and when you need a sounding board, they’ll be there for you, too.

Have Fun!

Yes, you’ll work hard, but your day should also be fun. Do people in the office make the day fun? Are they able to share a laugh? If you’ve found a practice that values hard work and fun, then chances are you’ve found your dental home.

A Chance to Continue Learning

Just because you’ve left the dental assistant training program in Columbus shouldn’t mean that you stop learning. Your career must be a time of continued growth and learning from the dentist, the other assistants and even your patients. And if there’s a way for you to share your knowledge, then you should feel comfortable doing so. Speak up when you have something important to say.

Good Job!

Good job, way to go, you got this! There are at least 100 ways to give someone a compliment at work. Praise is a great confidence booster, and it shouldn’t just come from the dentist. If the dental assistants you’ll be working with seem to routinely give each other a pat on the back, then you’ve probably found the right place.


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