Options for a Dental Career in Lebanon

ceramic crown in dental laboratoryWhen most people think of working in dentistry, their thoughts naturally turn to jobs in a dentist’s office: a dental assistant, the hygienist, and the business administrator. However, there are other opportunities beyond a dental practice. For example, many people that want a dental career in Lebanon opt to work in a lab where prosthetics are crafted to restore patients’ smiles. Read on to learn more about becoming a dental lab technician and other careers in dentistry.

What Does a Dental Lab Technician Do?

Dental laboratory technicians use special laboratory equipment to create dental fixtures. On-the-job training is a large part of becoming a dental laboratory technician.

While a high school diploma is the basic requirement to enter this field, certificate and degree programs are also available. Certification can be achieved after meeting experience requirements and passing an exam. Technicians may choose to specialize in areas such as dentures, crowns, bridges, or orthodontic appliances.

Dentists give dental lab technicians orders. Then, they design and construct dental replacements like bridges, dentures, crowns and orthopedic appliances. Technicians use plaster, wax, metals and casts to build prosthetics that replicate teeth.

From Dentist Office to Dental Lab

Many people start out working in a dentist’s office as a dental assistant and then develop an interest in the opportunities available in a lab. Dental assistants and expanded functions dental assistants see what a crown, denture or bridge can do to improve a person’s smile and increase quality of life. Some decide that engineering and creating these prosthetics would be a rewarding dental career in Columbus.

Other Dental Careers

There are several other career opportunities that might be inspired by work in a dentist’s office. These include:

  • Dental Assistant Instructors that teach students about the various responsibilities of a dental assistant, including radiology, patient interaction, dental record keeping and hands-on instruction
  • Business administrators are responsible for scheduling patient appointments, managing finances, and record keeping. They also track patient payments, insurance information, and file insurance claims.
  • Dental sales representatives make sure dentist offices have the equipment, supplies and technologies needed to stay up-to-date.
  • Dental consultants oversee a dental practice and make suggestions on how to improve the practice. They train the doctor and staff on systems that add value and efficiency to the practice.

If any of these careers in dentistry interest you, then please contact the dental training program in Lebanon for more information.



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