Tell the Dental Assisting Program in Lebanon About Your First Day

two dental assistants and dentistCongratulations! After working hard in the dental assistant program in Lebanon, you landed a job, and now it’s your first day. You set the alarm for the crack of dawn, put on your fun scrubs, have a healthy breakfast and hit the road before rush hour. You arrive at the dentist’s office excited and ready to work. And then… the day begins. Things go from rough to overwhelming, funny to hilarious and embarrassing to humiliating. Was your first day on the job less than perfect? Read on to find out what other dental assistants experienced. Trust us… you won’t feel so bad.

That First Step is a Doozie!

Watch out for the cords in a dentist’s office. They can really trip you up—pun intended. We know of one dental assistant whose foot became entangled in the cords of a portable unit. The next thing she knew, the unit and everything on it was on the floor. She was embarrassed, of course, but everyone else had a laugh.

Have the Last Laugh

Work should be fun, and sometimes that means enjoying a practical joke even when it is played on you. Angie told us that her co-workers said she had to yell, “Fire in the hole!” every time she took an X-ray. She did this for two solid months before they told her it was a joke. She laughed right along with everyone else!

Catch Me, I’m Fainting

The dentist’s office isn’t like a hospital emergency room, but there can be times when you may feel a bit queasy. Ashley was watching the dentist give an injection to a child. All of the sudden, she felt sick to her stomach, the room started spinning, her palms became sweaty and her heart raced. As the child sat up, cried and vomited, she leaned against the wall and fainted.

On the Job Training

Think you first day will be smooth and easy? Don’t plan on it. One dental assistant was on externship for school and had only finished her tour of the office when the dentist told her to put on a lab coat and “get in here!” She said that she’d never worked on a real person before. What was the dentist’s answer? “Well, now you will!”

A Hairy Situation

That bib you put on a patient is normally quite helpful. But take it from Karen, you better watch out when removing it. She accidentally got the bib caught in a male patient’s toupee and ended up with his hair in her hands!

If all of this sounds like fun to you, then contact the dental assistant program in Lebanon to launch your career in dentistry.


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