Get Super Powers at Dental Assistant School!

Shazam! Have you secretly always wanted to be a super hero in real life? Well, here’s your chance, and all you have to do is become a dental assistant. In a practice, dental assistants often seem to need super powers in order to get everything done in a day. They may be asked to do a variety of tasks to help patients as well as coworkers. If this career sounds exciting to you, then consider attending dental assistant school. And continue reading to learn about the super powers dental assistants claim.

Have a Calming Nature

You probably already know that not everyone looks forward to seeing the dentist. In fact, if given the choice, plenty of patients would choose not to set foot in a dental practice. That’s why dental assistants are called on to offer reassuring and calming words. Some dental assistants just know how to reduce stress, while others learn from their coworkers. Being able to calm a nervous patient is undoubtedly a super power.

Be a Multitasker

If you’re not crazy about doing the same thing day and day out, then the work of a dental assistant should satisfy your desire for challenge. Your role will require performing multiple tasks. And while you’re working at one task, you’ll often need to plan for the next so you can stay one step ahead of what the dentist needs. And all of this is done while you’re on your feet for most of the day with barely time to take a break.

Telepathic Abilities

In order to stay ahead of the dentist, you’ll need to have the super power of mind reading. Patients sometimes notice how an assistant is handing the dentist what she needs when she hasn’t even asked for it! This super power is often the reason why things run more smoothly during a procedure, and patients feel that they are in good hands.

Patient Education

At dental assisting school, you’ll learn so much about not only dentistry, but oral health, too. And you will continue learning once you begin working. Why not share some of that knowledge with your patients, so that they are aware of the how important oral health is to the appearance of their smiles as well as their overall health and well being.

Changing Smiles, Changing Lives

Oral health is certainly a priority in dentistry, but it is not the only objective. Giving each patient a beautiful smile is also important. Helping with cosmetic dentistry procedures and orthodontics is a way for dental assistants to genuinely transform smiles and lives. If that isn’t a super power, then what is?

If you’re ready to have some new super powers, then contact a dental assistant school. The only thing missing will be the cape!


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