Need a Mentor? How to Pick the Right One While in Dental Assistant School

a dentist and dental assistant helping a young female patientHaving a mentor who can shed some light on an industry is one way you can learn the ins and outs about your chosen career path. While the courses you take will give you the textbook knowledge you need, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to find someone who has or is currently working in the field. While in dental assistant school, you’ll receive hands-on experience to prepare you for the real world, so why not find a mentor who can help guide you along the way? Here are a few ways you can go about picking the right mentor to assist you on your path to becoming a dental assistant.

Look to Your Employer

If you’re already working in the field, your employer should be considered as a built-in mentor. Just like an educator who is already there to help you succeed, so is your employer. You want to do your best, right? Well, your employer wants you to as well, which is why taking some extra time to talk to them about new techniques or procedures will benefit you professionally. Not only will it improve your capabilities and expand your knowledge, but it will show you have a vested interest and are taking the initiative to learn more.

Talk to a Teacher

While in dental assisting school, you’re meeting a variety of educators who are bringing years of experience to the classroom. It would be worth your time to see if they’re available after class to talk to you about your future career. Most instructors and professors are willing to provide help when needed, but even if you’re looking for something more involved, such as seeking help in finding a job or making a contact, you can bet they’ll be there to assist. It also won’t hurt to seek some feedback about your performance and what you can do to improve.

Don’t Forget the Office Manager

Want to make yourself more valuable to employers? Get to know the manager of the dental office you work in. Or, if you aren’t currently employed in the field but know someone who works as an office manager, talk to them about what you can do to get hired. Not all dentists are responsible for hiring. It may be that the managers do it, so what better person to seek advice on what you can do to market yourself to a potential employer?

It’s always best to start with the people you know when considering a mentor. Sometimes, networking opens doors to meeting new individuals who can help you in your career path. By establishing a mentor-mentee relationship, you are showing your dedication to continued learning and improving yourself as a professional.

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