Why It’s Important to Have a Good Attitude as a Dental Assistant

a female dental assistant

When walking into a dentist’s office, the last thing you want to experience as a patient is someone with a bad attitude. Not only can it make you feel as if you’re the reason that person is upset, but it can ruin your experience and cause you never to return. As a dental assistant, a poor attitude can be detrimental to the success and satisfaction you find in your job, which is why a hands-on dental assisting program can help you better understand why attitude is everything when choosing to pursue this type of field.

Providing a Positive Patient Experience

When patients come through the doors of your dental office, it’s important that they feel welcome and comfortable each time. Your positivity will help to keep them calm during what might be a very worrisome or anxiety-filled visit. By maintaining a positive, upbeat attitude, this will encourage patients to return in the future because they know not only will their dental needs be met, but they’ll get to enjoy peace of mind as well.

As a reminder, a smile can go a long way in improving someone’s day, so always try to greet each patient with a kind smile and warm welcome, and don’t forget to add a “Glad to see you” or “We look forward to seeing you the future!”

Ensuring Your Employer Remains Happy

If you think your poor attitude isn’t noticed by others, guess again. How you act and react while at work is seen by your employer and teammates, and if you want to keep anyone happy, it’s certainly your employer. When interviewing for a job, it’s likely the dentist will be considering if you are willing to serve on a team, learn new and exciting aspects of the job, take initiative, and even take ownership of your work.

Apart from these qualities, dental assistants who maintain a positive attitude will not only receive more opportunities to excel, but they will also find greater satisfaction in their job.

Striving to be a Productive Team Member

Negativity works like a domino effect. It starts with the person causing it and filters down among everyone else. When working in a team setting like a dentist’s office, a poor attitude can create unnecessary stress and divisiveness. However, a positive attitude can create a welcoming, comfortable, and inclusive environment, making it enjoyable for everyone involved.

Along with remaining positive, a dental assistant must also be productive, and just because something isn’t listed on your job description doesn’t mean you can’t assist when needed.

If you remember the old saying, “Attitude is everything,” it is never truer than among dental assistants. While you’ll certainly have days filled with stress and feeling overwhelmed, remember how effective a warm smile can be. Before you know it, the response you’ll receive from patients will keep you in a positive state of mind.

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