3 Different Dental-Related Dreams and What They Mean

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It’s safe to say that while in dental assisting training, you are so immersed in what you’re doing that you may just find yourself dreaming about it. When you spend so much time in a dentist’s office, day-in and day-out, you’re bound to carry many of your thoughts home with you…and maybe even into bed. If you’ve ever wondered what some of your dental-related dreams mean, allow us to explain.

Missing an Appointment

If you are the type of person who has multiple responsibilities on their plate and is constantly under a lot of pressure, it is likely that you might have a dream about running late or missing an appointment. Because the type of work you are accustomed to doing each day requires being able to think quickly on your feet and making sure everything in the office runs smoothly, your brain may throw you a curveball with a dream that has you running behind on all your tasks and duties.

Surprise Exam or Failing

If you are still enrolled in a hands-on dental assisting school, you’ve probably had a dream or two about failing an exam or being surprised by one altogether. If you have a lot of anxiety about test-taking, this might be a familiar dream. In fact, individuals who have been out of school for years often report still having these types of dreams. These dreams often occur because you have a fear of failing or being judged. When this happens, remind yourself it was only a dream and do your best to study hard for an upcoming exam or certification.

Missing Teeth

You handle teeth all day long, so naturally, you might have a dream about your own…or the fact that they’re falling out. While this might seem scary and suddenly have you springing up out of bed grasping for your mouth, remind yourself that it was all just a dream. Treating all different types of smiles throughout the day will have you remembering certain patients and their conditions for quite some time. Whether it is decayed, damaged, or missing teeth that you’ve been assisting with throughout the day, your brain may try to interpret that as your own in your dream. Just calmly go back to sleep and remember your teeth are still firmly intact.

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