4 Tips to Help You Take Your Upcoming Dental Assisting National Board Exam

a student taking a test

If you’re like most people, tests can cause you to become nervous and break out in a sweat. Having to remember everything you’ve learned and attempt to put it in writing and answer questions about it can be daunting but with the right tools, you might just find you are better prepared than you think. As part of your dental assisting program, you are probably receiving valuable insight and suggestions on ways to prepare for the DANB but what about taking the test itself? To help you get through the big day, here are 4 useful tips to keep in mind.

Use All Available Resources to Study

When it comes to preparing for the exam, make sure you spend ample time reviewing all your available resources. From textbooks to class notes to the DANB exam blueprints, each of these can help you study necessary content that will ensure you are ready to start working in a real dental office and help others achieve healthier, more beautiful smiles. Don’t be tempted to skip over certain materials or skim through chapters in your book. Give yourself enough time to study ahead of test day, so you’re not cramming the night before.

Don’t Rush…Read the Questions Carefully

When preparing to fill in the correct answer, make sure you’re ready each and every question carefully and completely. It is easy to transpose words or mistake “does” for “doesn’t” if you’re reading too quickly. Take your time to ensure you fully understand what is being asked before making a decision. It might be helpful to review the test in its entirety before you start answering any questions. This will allow you to quickly answer those questions that you are 100% sure about before tackling those that might require some critical thinking.

Don’t Overthink Your Answers

While you are encouraged to spend enough time reading through the questions, be careful not to overthink it. Tests, in general, can cause you to worry and become overly critical of every decision. Remember, there are no trick questions. The goal is not for you to fail but instead, to pass and go on to become a successful dental assistant. If you feel strongly about a particular answer, go with it. After evaluating all other options, if you are confident about one choice, do as they say and “go with your gut.”

Time Your Time

It can be nerve-wracking to think that you might run out of time while taking the exam but remember, each dental assisting course you’ve taken has helped you prepare. In more situations than not, people finish with plenty of time to spare, so don’t rush. If you think you need to spend a bit of extra time on a few questions, go ahead and finish the rest of the exam before going back to those you are unsure of.

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