How to Stand Out Among the Crowd When Looking for a Job

a young woman who is a dental assistant holding her resume

If you’re currently taking a dental assisting course and thinking about what you can do to differentiate yourself from a sea of aspiring dental assistants (DA), you’re not alone. Everyone wants that perfect job – the one that will offer the greatest benefits, flexibility, and of course, the biggest amount of money. But what can you do to stand out? To find out what you should do while you’re still in school, consider trying these four tips, so employers see you before anyone else.

Consider the Idea of Travel

Have you ever thought about being a traveling dental assistant? Would you like the idea of working in a different place for a short span of time? If you’re single, this may be appealing to you, but it could also be an ideal situation even if you’re not! As a DA who travels, you can gain wonderful experience from various expert dental professionals, each with different backgrounds and expertise. Permanency doesn’t have to be your reality. Consider taking your skills and knowledge on the road.

Improve Your Online Profile

No matter what industry you work in, it is important to have an online presence these days. Of course, you want it to be a positive one, so when jumping onto platforms like LinkedIn, make sure your profile picture is professional and your information is up to date. These social media outlets make it possible to expand your network and meet new and potential employers. Looking for a job? LinkedIn is a great way to get started on the job hunt.

Make sure that no matter what online platform you are using, your photos and posts are appropriate. Embarrassing photos or posts focused on political tirades can cost you an interview or even your job.

Don’t Dismiss a Personal Delivery

While technology has advanced enough that online resume submissions are more likely the norm, there’s something to be said for hand-delivering your credentials. This shows a few things:

  1. You care about taking the time to meet them and their staff ahead of time.
  2. You want to make a good first impression.
  3. You can explain your credentials and answer any questions the staff might have about you and your experience even before the boss meets you.

Specialize in a Particular Area

In addition to your dental assisting school, are you considering additional certifications? If so, this might give you a leg up when applying for a job. An employer who sees that a potential employee is going above and beyond to specialize in a particular area might find them to be more useful in the office; however, be careful to not pigeonhole yourself. You want to keep your options open, so while you may have specializations in pediatric dentistry, nutrition, or another area, don’t let these keep you from considering all the possible job opportunities.

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