An Integral Team Member: Saying Thank You to Dental Assistants

a dentist and dental assistant showing a patient a set of dentures

Oftentimes, you may find that through your dental assistant training, it may seem as if your role in the dentist’s office is minimal. The reality is that your role is one of the most integral and important parts of a dental office and its ability to safely and effectively help patients when they arrive for their appointments. Finding the right team and dentist who appreciate and understand this role will be important once you graduate, but until then, spend some time discovering all the ways you help to keep a dentist’s office moving in the right direction.

Patients Keep Coming Back Because of You

Since you are with patients most of the day and often more so than the dentist, your demeanor, approach, and attitude can keep patients coming back. If someone is scared, you can help them remain calm and feel less anxious. If someone feels as if they shouldn’t care about their oral health, you can remind them of how important it is to maintain healthy teeth and gums and take pride in their appearance. If a patient feels like a number, you can help them to feel like a person who is valued and cared about.

You Help to Minimize Possible Infections

Dental assistants must know how to properly disinfect and sterilize tools and equipment, which is why your role is so important. Ensuring the safety of every patient is critical, so you may even be considered as an “infection control coordinator” for your dental office. Not only does this protect the patient and dental team, but it also reminds those who visit the office for care that cleanliness and safety are of the utmost priority.

You Offer a Compassionate Approach That Most Patients Need

In dental assisting school, you learn that compassion is an important characteristic all dental assistants should have. Not only does it make it easier for patients who might be anxious or worried about their visit, but showing compassion also allows you to provide greater comfort and clarity to individuals preparing for a treatment or procedure.

Dentists Can Work More Efficiently Because of Your Work

As a dental assistant, you are more than just a helper to the dentist in your office. When it comes to maintaining productivity, you make it possible for dentists to work more efficiently and effectively. With so many patients coming into the office each day, your contact and close work with the patient makes it easier for the dentist to come in and do what they need to do so that they can move on to the next person in need.

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