What You Need to Study for Your DA Exams

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While enrolled in a dental assisting course, you may be wondering how you’ll ever remember all the necessary terms you need to know to pass your exams. With so many abbreviations and medically-related words, it can be a daunting task. Fortunately, apart from your professors and peers, there are other study methods you can use that will have you rattling off correct terminology in no time. Check out these recommended study materials to help you ace your upcoming test.

The Ultimate Guide: American Dental Association Glossary

If you want the go-to study guide to help you better prepare for the terminology you’ll need to know, look no further than the organization who wrote the book on all things dentistry. Not only does it contain dental and administrative terms, but it also goes over words that are often associated with dental insurance and dental office administration.

Let WebMD Lead the Way

Another helpful resource is visiting WebMD. Their glossary of dental health terms (12 pages to be exact) will provide helpful descriptions, so you can feel more confident learning about various techniques, equipment, and oral health issues you will likely be dealing with as a dental assistant.

Have Fun with Cram.com

Do games capture your attention? Are you prone to creating flashcards as a way to study for an exam? Cram.com not only offers visitors flashcards to help with the studying process, but they also offer games that are designed to test your memory. Once you’ve studied and memorized the terms found on the flashcards, you can play a quick game to see how much you know.

A Free Solution for Your Study Needs

Much like Cram.com, another helpful website is Quizlet.com. Also using flashcards, visitors can set up a free account that tracks your progress. Over time, you can gauge how much you’ve improved and easily identify areas in which you need more help.

The Wise Words of Your Professor

As helpful as all these online resources can be, spending some additional time with your professor can always be beneficial. Their knowledge, expertise, and experience in the field can help you identify easier ways to remember certain terms. Maybe they have a recommendation on how to remember certain abbreviations? No matter what they provide, it is likely going to help you when it comes to taking your exam.

Consider a Mnemonic Device

Creating a mnemonic device can help you remember certain terms related to the dental field. Maybe you’re struggling to remember the dental eruption sequence. By creating a mnemonic device for each molar, incisor, canine, and premolar, you will be able to easily identify how the primary or secondary teeth should erupt when helping a patient.

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