How to Know if Becoming a Dental Assistant is the Right Career for You

a female dental assistant helping a dentist take care of a young child

Want to make sure you’re choosing the right career? Are your dental assistant classes keeping you engaged? Do you find yourself eager to step into a dentist’s office to begin working? If so, you may have found your passion and are well on your way to establishing yourself within the field of dentistry. But just to be sure, here are a few ways you can tell if serving as a dental assistant is the right career choice for you.

1.      You’re Not Happy in Your Current Profession and Want to Make a Change

If you are someone who has spent years working in a different profession and decided to make a change, dental assisting may just be for you. Oftentimes, it is the idea of helping others that intrigues aspiring dentists and those looking to working with the field of dentistry. If you begin a dental assisting program and quickly discover you are fully engaged and captivated by the information you’re learning, this is a good sign you’re in the right place.

2.      You’re Already Working in the Field and Feel Valued

No one wants to work in a profession that makes them feel like a number or devalued. A dental assistant’s responsibilities are a critical component to the overall operations of a dentist’s office. Being recognized for your work by your employer and peers is another way you can feel good about what you’re doing day-in and day-out.

3.      You Get Excited About Going to Work

How many people can actually say they look forward to the workweek? Unfortunately, not many. For most, the Monday through Friday routine is filled with mundane tasks that leave many wanting something more out of life. If you find yourself smiling ear and ear each morning and enjoy the challenges and tasks that lay ahead of you while working with dentists and patients, you’ve found your passion as a dental assistant.

4.      You Enjoy Learning All Aspects of Dentistry

While the information you’re learning in your dental assisting program may be fascinating, you enjoy spending time researching other techniques and methods used in dentistry. Whether it is a specialized field (i.e. pediatrics, cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, etc.) or just new and advanced technology that can improve a patient’s experience, if you get excited about what you’re learning, you’ve chosen the ideal career as a dental assistant.

5.      You Appreciate and Embrace the Flexibility

Some people prefer the regular 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. set up when it comes to a typical workday. Others, however, enjoy the flexibility a job can provide. As a dental assistant, you have the option to work as much or as little as you want. Most dental offices are closed on evenings and weekends, so you can spend this extra time with family and friends. If you prefer to have a good work-life balance, you’re probably glad you chose this profession.

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