Quiz: Should I Become a Dental Assistant?

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Are you currently taking dental assistant classes? Are you enjoying the information you’re learning but remain unsure if this is the right career choice for you? It’s not uncommon to begin something new and wonder, “Is this right for me?” Plenty of people start a particular program, job, or task only to discover they don’t enjoy it as much as they thought. To help you regain focus and determine if your future belongs in the field of dentistry, take this quiz!

How the Quiz Works

While answering each of the 10 questions below, you will need to keep the following scoring system in mind: Dislike = 0, Okay = 1, Like = 2.

Let’s begin.

  1. You find the information and techniques taught in your dental assistant program regarding diagnoses, treating injuries, diseases, and deformities to be interesting.
  2. You are interested in the English language and what words mean, how they’re spelled, and ways in which composition and grammar are used.
  3. You are interested in the idea of assisting the dentist during various procedures as well as preparing the patient, sterilizing instruments, and prepping materials.
  4. You are interested in recording treatment information in a patient’s records.
  5. You enjoy following procedures and routines.
  6. You enjoy working with data and details more so than ideas.
  7. You enjoy the type of work that includes solving hands-on problems and formulating solutions.
  8. You enjoy working with real-world materials (i.e. wood, tools, machinery), animals, and plants.
  9. You enjoy working with others as well as communicating and teaching other people.
  10. You want to help and provide a service to others.

What Your Score Means

Now that you’ve completed the quiz, spend a few minutes tabulating your score. If you score between a 0-9, it is highly likely you will not enjoy a career as a dental assistant. If your score falls between 10-15, you can consider yourself right for this type of job. If you accumulate between 16-20 points, you have found the perfect career for you!

In addition to this quiz, spend some time talking to your professors and peers about the profession. Get an insider’s view of the daily responsibilities of a dental assistant. This will give you a better idea of whether you are right for this type of career.

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