The Dos and Don’ts to Remember for Your Next Job Interview

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Do you know how to properly prepare for a dental assistant interview? Knowing what to do and what not to do can be the difference in landing the job or missing out on a potentially ideal opportunity. Fortunately, while attending dental assisting school, your instructors can provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to feel confident about the process and officially enter the workforce as a qualified, professional, and capable dental assistant. Read on to check out the dos and don’ts before walking into your first interview.

Interview Dos

As you approach the prospective employer, make sure you keep in mind the following points that will help you make a great first impression:

  • Exude Confidence: Employers like seeing individuals who are confident in their abilities, skills, and talents. When you arrive, make sure you hold your head high and shake hands firmly to show you are ready to begin the interview. While answering questions and sharing your experiences, emphasize your accomplishments, and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Be Realistic: If you walk into an interview expecting a six-figure income, you’ll likely be disappointed. You should have realistic expectations when it comes to a salary. When the interviewer asks about what you expect to make in this type of position, make sure you are honest. If you are willing to negotiate, you can make this known as you continue with the interview and better determine the direction it is going.
  • Know Your Worth: Dental assistants are vital to the success of a dental office, but you need to be able to explain and show your potential employer how you can be a benefit to their practice. By identifying highlights of your qualifications, experiences, and advanced training received in dental assisting programs, you can make sure you stand out among all other candidates.

Interview Don’ts

If you want to make sure you walk away with an offer on the table, do your best to avoid these interview don’ts:

  • Don’t Dismiss Your Weaknesses: If you spend all your time focusing on your strengths, your potential employer might think you believe you have no weaknesses. Since everyone has areas they can develop and strengthen, it’s best to be honest about things you want to improve, but don’t go overboard. Mentioning 1-2 is fine.
  • Don’t Forgo Professionalism: Just because your day-to-day outfit will likely consist of scrubs doesn’t mean you show up to your interview wearing them or a slouchy outfit. Instead, take the time to plan your outfit and ensure it looks professional. Your experience and multiple degrees/certifications will get you nowhere if you do not make a good first impression, which is often formed by the way you sound and appear.
  • Don’t Complain About Waiting: Even if you have a scheduled time for an interview, things can happen that can cause the employer to be late. If this should happen to you, do not complain about having to wait. Remember, staff members are watching you, so if you remain calm, smile, and appear to be unphased by the delay, this will create a positive impression among your potential colleagues.

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