4 Questions to Ask Your Dental Assisting Instructors

an instructor showing an aspiring dental assistant a mouth mold and how to treat a particular oral problem

No matter what you’re going to school for, it’s important that you ask questions along the way. You’re learning, so whether it’s determining why something is important or inquiring about how well you are doing while performing a hands-on task, you need to know, so you can make any adjustments as you progress in your studies. This is especially true for aspiring dental assistants. Your role in a dentist’s office is crucial, so by making sure you ask the appropriate questions while undergoing dental assistant training, you can feel more confident when preparing to enter the real world. Below you will 4 questions that are worth asking your instructors the next time you head to class.

1.      Why Is This Important?

Never underestimate the importance of knowing “why” something is necessary. As you move through your dental assisting program, understanding why a procedure is formed, why certain instruments are used and not others, and why it’s necessary to perform certain tasks will give you deeper insight into your role as an aspiring dental assistant. Yes, you can memorize terms and methods, but knowing why they’re necessary will allow you to better hone your skills and perform at a much higher level. Not to mention, you’ll likely be asked “why” from many of your patients. By asking it yourself during the learning process, you’ll be better prepared to pass this same information along to those in need.

2.      Am I Doing This Correctly?

It can be difficult asking whether you’re doing something right or wrong. After all, no one wants to hear their form or technique is off base. But when working as a dental assistant, you’ll be expected to know exactly how to perform a particular task and do it correctly. Your instructors are there to provide this type of feedback. By asking for tips or suggestions on ways to improve your performance, it shows your willingness to strive for the best. In this profession, you should always be learning and open to suggestions from mentors and colleagues. By refining your skills along the way, you’ll become more confident in your own abilities.

3.      When Will This Be Necessary When Working with Patients?

After learning the “why” behind a particular task, procedure, or use of an instrument, you’ll also need to know the “how” and “when.” The best dental assistants understand why something is necessary, when to use or perform it, and how to do it. While in school, you’ll be busy learning the skills and additional information behind certain responsibilities and procedures, but only when you begin to ask how it will help various patients will you stand out among your peers.

4.      What Should I Do to Land My First Job?

It’s natural to wonder how your first real-world job as a dental assistant will suddenly appear. Will you graduate one day then find yourself walking to the first office you find? Will your internship turn into something more permanent and full time? While no one knows exactly how you will go about getting your first job, a good place to start is by asking your instructors what you can expect and what you can do to make the process easier. They might be able to shed some light on available positions you can apply for as well as any upcoming job fairs you can attend. Networking is key if you want to strengthen your pool of mentors and increase your chances of landing a position with the right employer.

Whether it is while you’re in school or once you’re working as a dental assistant, never be afraid to ask questions. By continuing to improve your skills and further your knowledge, you’ll be surprised by how far you’ll go in the field of dentistry.

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