4 Ways to Reduce Stress While at Work

two women and one man serving as dental assistants in a dentist’s office

Feeling overwhelmed at work? Worried you’ll mess up and use the wrong dental instrument? Concerned your employer or colleagues aren’t pleased with your performance as a dental assistant? Before you start the downward spiral of negative thinking, it’s important to recognize how stress can impact your thought process and self-worth. To avoid this common pitfall, let your instructors in your hands-on dental assisting program explain what you can do to minimize stress in your workplace.

1.      Consider the Positive Aspects of Your Work

Oftentimes, thinking about all the work you have waiting for you when you arrive at the office can get you down. You may become stressed and worried that you may not be able to get it all done in enough time. Instead of focusing on what lies ahead when you get there, shift your mind to think about all the positive aspects of your work. Whether it is working with colleagues who make going to work a joy or being able to help patients achieve healthier smiles, changing your mindset to focus on the positives will ensure your stress levels are lowered when arriving at work.

2.      Address Problems Early On

Dealing with a colleague who is causing problems? Nervous about a phone call you need to make to a patient? Instead of letting these issues continue, simply address them early on and avoid allowing them to take up space in your head. Constantly thinking about problems going on at work can negatively impact the way you view your job as well as those you work alongside each day. By getting ahead of the stress and taking action sooner rather than later, you’ll start feeling better and can move on to more pressing issues.

3.      Take a Break

While it’s necessary to take time off of work to regroup and take care of yourself, there are ways you can step away from the stress during your normal workday. Whether it is standing up and taking a quick walk while performing regular desk-related tasks or eating lunch away from the office now and then, giving yourself a mental and physical time-out will help you to refocus your energy and thoughts.

4.      Look at the Big Picture

If much of your stress revolves around whether you are in the right profession, step back and look at the big picture. Is the reason for your current thought process because of a one-time incident? Did you accidentally mess up at work but remain liked and appreciated by your colleagues and employer? While in dental assisting school, you may begin to wonder if this career is right for you, but if you think about what you enjoy most about your job as well as how you can build a better future for yourself in this profession, you may begin to notice the stress lessen and things becoming more clearer.

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