Why It’s Important to Be Grateful for Dental Assistants

a dental hygienist and dental assisting caring for a patient during an appointment

Dental assisting school does more than prepare individuals for a career in dentistry. It also shines a light on why dental assistants (DA) are such an integral part of a practice. While it might seem as if the dentist and dental hygienist get all the glory, it is the DAs who do much of the work in preparation for the day’s appointments. Read on to learn why more patients and staff should be grateful for dental assistants and their invaluable work.

They Make it Possible to Do More

Don’t enjoy waiting in the lobby, especially if the clock is showing it is already past your scheduled appointment time? If it weren’t for dental assistants, this scenario would likely occur more often than you would prefer. Thanks to their efficiency and ability to keep dentists and hygienists organized and on task, staff members are able to move from patient to patient more quickly.

They Offer Compassionate Care

While it is important for the dentist and hygienist to show compassion to all patients, it is the dental assistants who are with them most and can offer the greatest impact. Whether it is a patient expressing concerns over an upcoming procedure or appearing fearful because they dislike a dental office, a dental assistant offers compassion and kindness, helping patients to remain calm and feel more at ease during their appointments. This is one of the most pivotal skills a DA can learn in a hands-on dental assistant course.

They Keep Patients Coming Back

If you and your dental team are capable of providing a warm and welcoming environment for all patients, you can bet they’ll keep coming back. Although an individual may remark on the high-quality service provided by a dentist, it is usually the assistants who get more credit for their ability to personalize a visit and make patients feel as if they are at home. Not to mention, if a patient appreciates the treatment provided by a dental assistant, they may be more likely to accept the recommended treatment plan created by their dentist.

They Keep Patients Safe

While enrolled in dental assisting school, dental assistants are taught about infection control. Because it is one of the most important aspects of the job, it is these individuals who work hard to keep patients and staff members safe from harmful particles and pathogens. From sterilizing dental instruments to ensuring air quality control, dental assistants remain on top of any changes or adjustments that need to be made to ensure better protection for everyone inside a dental office.

As you navigate dental assisting school, don’t dismiss your future role, as it can make a big difference in the lives of your patients and the livelihood of your employer.

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