Dental Assistants: What You Should Know When Making a Career Change

a female dental assistant preparing a treatment room by placing the correct dental instruments

Thinking about enrolling in a dental assistant program to kickstart a new career? Whether you’re passionate about the field of dentistry or are simply looking to make a difference in someone else’s life, this decision to pursue a more fulfilling role is one you should be proud of. But do you know everything you should know about becoming a dental assistant (DA)? To better prepare for school and your aspiring career, here are 3 things you should know about DAs.

They Implement Protocols to Keep Patients Safe

Part of the education and process of becoming a dental assistant is helping to implement infection control guidelines and protocols. This ensures both patients and staff are safe at all times. For those who choose to further their education and training by honing their skills and knowledge of infection control, it can be extremely valuable when working in a dentist’s office. Why? Because dentists view DAs with this type of knowledge as trusted leaders who will share their information with others. This commitment to safety is important and can be beneficial, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

They Wear Many Hats

When someone says they wear many hats, they’re often referring to the many responsibilities they take on each day. This common phrase is applied to almost every profession; however, when it comes to dental assistants, it is completely true that they are gifted at multitasking and taking on multiple roles.

Apart from serving as an assistant to the dentist during a patient’s procedure, they are also responsible for setting up treatment rooms, cleaning up and sanitizing them after a patient’s appointment, overseeing inventory and making sure offices remain stocked, and assisting with administrative duties when needed. Also, dental assistants must be at the forefront of infection control and maintaining COVID-19 protocols as well as providing a calming approach when assisting patients during their visit.

They Are Always Learning

Although dental assistant programs are available to prepare dental assistants for a career in dentistry, the learning does not stop once certification is achieved. Instead, honing skills and furthering knowledge is necessary when working in this particular field. With changes continually occurring in dental technology, techniques, and methods, DAs must remain up to date on the latest advancements to ensure both patients and staff are informed and properly cared for. From reading various healthcare news to attending webinars, trainings, and conferences, dental assistants are always looking for additional information that will help make their jobs easier as well as ensure a more pleasurable experience for patients.

When it comes to serving as a dental assistant, you’ll need to make sure you’re committed to the process and lifelong willingness to learn. By doing so, you’ll create a happier life for yourself and a more enjoyable experience for your patients.

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