Why a Pediatric Dental Assistant is a Rewarding Career Choice

a young girl smiles between a dentist and pediatric dental assistant

Do you like the idea of working as a pediatric dental assistant? Oftentimes, many individuals enter into the profession because they believe helping adults is much easier and more enjoyable; however, those who choose to pursue a specialized practice such as pediatrics can expect an equally rewarding career. Discover how your dental assistant courses can better prepare you to not only help younger patients get excited about oral hygiene but also strive for a healthier, more beautiful smile.

What is a Pediatric Dental Assistant’s Role?

If you prefer to work as a pediatric dental assistant, you can expect your work to be a bit different than those individuals who prefer older, adult clients. While many of the duties and responsibilities are the same, your willingness and eagerness to work with children are absolutely necessary.

One of the most pivotal skills you will learn as a dental assistant is communication. It is much easier to converse with an older patient who can more easily explain their level of pain, the area in which it hurts, and if they have questions or concerns. However, when working with young patients (i.e., toddlers, children, teens), this may not be quite so easy.

A few key components to being a pediatric dental assistant include:

  • Minimizing anxiety
  • Making sure the child is comfortable either in the parent’s lab or while sitting in the dentist’s chair
  • Providing tips and tricks to ensure proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing are performed at home
  • Offering comforting amenities to help the child feel more at ease and relaxed during their visit

What Other Responsibilities Are Included?

While taking dental assistant classes, you will learn all the important aspects of becoming a dental assistant. From taking dental X-rays, sanitizing instruments, and even assisting the dentist during an exam or procedure, these are all normal job responsibilities of any dental assistant. However, if you choose to work in a pediatric setting, it will also be necessary for you to understand how to converse with parents regarding ways they can prevent common oral health problems in between appointments. Whether it is offering recommendations for healthy snack options or identifying products that can minimize the risk for decay or bad breath, these can make a big difference in the development of a child’s smile. Also, you will be responsible for overseeing younger patients who require oral surgery, making sure they are comfortable and safe throughout the procedure.

A pediatric dental assistant is an extremely rewarding career choice. By helping to put a young person on a path to better oral health, you can set their smile up for success as they transition into each new stage of life.

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